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Kreios s.à r.l. was founded in 2006 by Dominique Brogard and Christian Hillerkus in Sandweiler, Luxembourg. We have, in the intervening years, developed a unique business model which pairs local experts in project management, business analysis, and software engineering with the best technical experts from the global market.

Managing Partner
Dominique Brogard
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With his entrepreneurial thinking and talent for UI/UX, Dominique supports his clients in planning and implementing innovative software products.
Managing Partner
Christian Hillerkus
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Chris' focus is on analyzing technically complex problems and designing novel system architectures and blueprints.
Technical Lead
Rahul Kalkani
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Originally from the field of C/C++ and embedded systems, Rahul nowadays focuses on designing and implementing modern web application using NodeJS, Angular and React.
Project Lead
Saleh Alkadri
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No matter what the problem, Saleh always finds a solution. His work ethics, knack for unconventional solutions and outside-the-box thinking make him an ideal project lead.
Project Lead
Alex Gunn
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With a degree in mechanical engineering and years of experience in oil and gas well-bore construction, Alex's current focus is on industrial and government projects. He is also an excellent QA engineer.
Head of Project Management
Piran Merkl
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Piran's primary focus is on "connecting the dots" and on ensuring the consistent application of organizational and technical best practices across all Kreios projects.
Technical Lead
Markus Lenz
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Markus brings years of experience in technical design and implementation of desktop and web applications, especially in the Python and .NET ecosystem.
Technical Lead
Ralph Schlesser
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As a Kreios developer from the beginning, Ralph specializes in building complex web and mobile applications using Angular, NodeJS, Electron, Ionic, Flutter and Python/Django.
Project Lead
Himanshu Katyal
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As a former web developer turned technical project lead, Himanshu´s passion lies in creating value and developing exceptional products for our customers. With years of experience, he has honed my skills in application development, using his toolkit to solve complex business problems efficiently and effectively.
Administration & HR
Julia Thiesen
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At the end of the day, it's Julia who keeps the place running. She takes care of all the administrative issues and also acts as the primary contact for staff and external partners alike.
Administration & HR
Sabrina Macias
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As a member of the Kreios administration team, Sabrina is the glue that holds everything together. As Julia's right hand, she keeps the Administration running smoothly, and makes sure the company's social media accounts are worth following.
Advisor to the Management
Andreas Macherey
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A serial entrepreneur and successful businessman himself, Andreas works with Dom and Chris to help the company adapt with the times and maintain its focus.
Technical Lead
Ignatios Karekos
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Ignatios has extensive experience implementing 3D visualizations using Unity as well as developing web applications using .NET, ElasticSearch and Angular.
Technical Lead
Simon Hessel
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Simon's core expertise is developing web applications using NodeJS, NestJS, Angular, React, AWS, and Kubernetes.
Project Lead
Felicitas Meiborg
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With her background in both computer science in psychology, Felicitas makes sure that technical management at Kreios doesn't get all too crazy.
Project Lead
Mykyta Ivanenko
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Mykyta is a product person to the core. His primary focus is on making sure the product completely fulfills the needs of customers, is of the highest quality, as well as built on time and within budget.
Technical Lead
Kirill Shingel
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As a technical lead and system architect at Kreios, Kirill uses his expertise in .NET and Angular to drive the development of innovative IT solutions.

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