We work with you to design, build, ship and evolve innovative products

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Our Services

We will accompany your product from conception to market.

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Our work together begins with a workshop to help us understand your challenge. We will then work together to ideate solutions and build enabling specifications.
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Our project and technical lead will then work with you to iteratively design and prototype and architect your solution.
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Implement & Evolve
We will draw on our large international network of subject matter experts to build the most efficient development team possible.
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Maintain & Host
The product lifecycle does not end at delivery; we take ownership of integration, maintenance and evolution to ensure that your product stays relevant over time.
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Product core teams

Our experience shows us that the most successful product development teams are led by a project lead and technical lead who regularly meet with our clients at their offices. In order to leverage the skillsets available on the global market while operating locally in the Luxemourg region, these leads are backed by a variable group of off-shore subject matter experts. In this configuration, we are able to provide efficient, skilled and scalable teams who can meet our client's needs at any stage of the project.

Our Pricing Model

We believe in fair and transparent pricing that is easy to understand and keep track of.

Initial Workshop
After you contact us, we will set up an initial workshop on your premises to understand your needs and brainstorm potential solution products. This first step is free of charge.
Time & Materials
By default, both analysis and development work is billed at an hourly rate. While analysis and other exploratory work is inherently difficult to estimate, our goal is always to produce packages we can offer on a fixed price.
Agile Fixed Price
The bulk of our development work propper is structured under the "Agile Fixed Price" model, whereby we produce numerous, fix-price feature offers that you can accept, reject or pass to other teams.
Maintenance Subscription
We strongly believe that our role does not end when the product is delivered. We therefore offer annual fixed-price subscriptions to maintain, update or even host software packages.
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Bring your own talent

Sometimes the best person for the job is already on your staff. We welcome your talent into our product teams. Please check the details for conditions.

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