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Our Services

We are a product-oriented company, striving to assist our clients in using technology to solve real-world problems. Since our founding in 2007, we have developed a robust and efficient process to develop and maintain software for business. We do not stop at delivery; with our robust hosting and DevOps support, we continue to ensure that your systems run in the long term.

Times & Materials
With subsequent workshops, interviews and research, we work with you to understand what must be built and how it fits into the larger picture
Enabling specification
Before moving forward to with development work, our project and technical leads develop essential enabling specifications so that the development scrum is free to work without having to conduct their own research.
Comprehensive understanding
Beginning with our initial workshop, we strive to gain a holistic understanding of your business and your market through on-site collaboration and comprehensive domain analysis.
Times & Materials
We build technical prototypes and mockups to validate concepts and conduct usability testing
System Architecture
In direct collaboration with our client, we create the final system architecture, including pixel-perfect visual designs, data models, and selection of technologies.
Fixed price quote
We conduct the bulk of our actual development work under fix-priced agreements, which allow you to plan, budget and even seek alternative comparable offers.
Fixed price
Implement & Evolve
We will assemble a team of relevant technical experts to execute the build using while maintaining transparency with regular reports and checkpoints.
Quality Assurance & Testing
We guarantee quality through a vigorous programme of automated testing, static analysis, and user acceptance testing.
Once we've delivered a software package, we continue to support the product by providing systems integration, end-user training and documentation, and post-deploy technical support.
Annual subscription
Maintain & Host
Always secure
We actively monitor releases and security notices for your underlying libraries and frameworks and apply security patches in a timely manner, year round.
Resilient Hosting
We will provide scalable hosting and actively monitor your systems to ensure high uptime; we can of course provide similar services on your infrastructure or service provider.
Up to date
We will update your underlying libraries and frameworks to the latest supported release on an anbnual basis to prevent your software from falling victim to bit rot.

The Core Team: the right people at the right time

A typical Kreios team is led by a project lead and a technical lead who work in tandem to usher a product to production. This pair work together on the project from beginning to end to usher it from ideation to market. They conductresearch into the client environment and technologies to ensure that we can always be on top of your needs.

Our technical leads and project leads cannot be experts in everything, so we provide them with a global network of technical and subject matter experts who can augment the team output. During a typical project, these experts may include:

Professional Designer
A design expert usually arrives early in the project to generate pixel-perfect visual designs to guide subsequent development;
Backend Engineers
Backend and database developers join when the execution phase of a project begins;
Frontend Developers
Frontend developers begin work once the visual designs and API specifications have matured sufficiently;
QA Specialists
Quality Assurance engineers join at the beginning and the end of each development cycle to understand requirements and check deliveries;
Professional Translators
Translators are brought on board as the project nears completion to translate the interface into supported languages;
Support Technicians
DevOps/Infrastructure engineers take over running the software after it has been delivered.

More globally, though, we strive to provide a project has the right people with the expertise to achieve project goals while at the same time bringing them on board at the right time during execution to avoid exploding the budget.

Meet our team!

Managing Partner
Dominique Brogard
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With his entrepreneurial thinking and talent for UI/UX, Dominique supports his clients in planning and implementing innovative software products.
Head of Project Management
Piran Merkl
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Piran's primary focus is on "connecting the dots" and on ensuring the consistent application of organizational and technical best practices across all Kreios projects.
Technical Lead
Ralph Schlesser
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As a Kreios developer from the beginning, Ralph specializes in building complex web and mobile applications using Angular, NodeJS, Electron, Ionic, Flutter and Python/Django.
Administration & HR
Sabrina Macias
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As a member of the Kreios administration team, Sabrina is the glue that holds everything together. As Julia's right hand, she keeps the Administration running smoothly, and makes sure the company's social media accounts are worth following.